About us


We are a fast growing accountancy club – Mattans Accounting Club, providing a range of accountancy services to our members - owner managed businesses. Making use of latest technologies, we provide robust and agile accounting support that delivers growth and helps to make a difference to our member’s lives.

The club was established to foster and promote personal accountability and collective engagement with and amongst our members to build and support a community of thriving and sustainable businesses.

We offer a very personal approach to our service provision as well as going the extra mile in supporting business growth and have been able to successfully build excellent, thriving and sustainable relationships that enhances efficient, effective and timely delivery on our commitments.

We are members of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and are regulated by their codes of conduct.

We Are Different

Our agile approach ensures we offer you more flexible support at competitive prices and our support removes financial and accounts stress to allow you focus more on strategy and business growth.

As an accounting club, our goal is to foster business relationships and personal accountability by making it more interesting and motivating to run your business with support from our business clinics and forums.

We aim to provide a support system that empowers owner managed businesses experience the great rewards of entrepreneurship.

We Value


Excellence:        We commit to doing our best and maintaining high standards

Quality:              We provide exceptional services that delivers premium value to our members

Integrity:            We maintain the highest standards of honesty in all our actions

Accountability: We will deliver on our commitments

Teamwork:        We work together in a collaborative, fun and flexible manner to meet the needs of our members, thereby helping them and the club to win

Opportunity:    We provide learning and a fair chance for talent development


We care about our members and are passionate about making sure our members are well looked after by the best.
Our core deliver partners are highlighted below:


Manager – Administration

Manager – Administration

Tobi Lab

Manager – Operations

Manager – Operations


Manager – Compliance

Manager – Compliance


Business Manager

Business Manager