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Guidance: Double Taxation Treaty Passport Scheme register

Use the register to check the status of overseas corporate lenders who are passport holders for Double Taxation Relief on UK loan interest.

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Guidance: Payroll technical specifications: Income Tax

Income Tax guidance for software developers working with payroll software.

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Detailed guide: Using the New Computerised Transit System to move goods across the EU and Common Transit countries

Access and use the New Computerised Transit System (NCTS) to submit electronic Union Transit declarations.

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International treaty: Mauritius: tax treaties

Tax treaties and related documents between the UK and Mauritius.

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Guidance: UK Trade Tariff: preferential trade arrangements for countries outside the EU

Preferential trade arrangements for individual or groups of countries outside the EU allowing reduced rates of customs import duty.

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Guidance: UK Trade Tariff: additional information codes for harmonised declarations

Use this list if you need to provide additional information codes and text for harmonised declarations.

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