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Mattans Accounting Club

Our club was established to foster and promote personal accountability and collective engagement with and amongst our members to build and support a community of thriving and sustainable businesses.

We are delighted you have expressed interest in becoming a member of our accounting club and we welcome aspiring business owners like yourself.

Our membership programs are designed to help you grow your business with robust and agile accounting support that is guaranteed to:

• Provide insights on financials to use in making informed growth decisions
• Help make business and tax planning decisions less cumbersome
• Help track income, expense (and stock) more simply and flexibly
• Get your accounts done and submitted on time
• Provide easy collaboration with stakeholders
• Ultimately free up time to spend on strategy and decision making so you can focus on growing your business.

Harnessing the latest technologies to work more efficiently and effectively, we make a difference to our customer’s lives by offering a partner-led service that provides delivery on our commitments.

Our membership programs are detailed below. Please review and let us know which program suites your need. We will be happy to review with you in more detail if required.

Click Here to see our Membership Programs

Give us a call and we will review our programs with you in more detail. If unsure, we will be happy to help you decide.

If you don’t require bookkeeping or VAT returns, please speak to us and we will be happy to discuss excluding these from our program fees.

Please note that your first payment will be backdated to cover any previous periods in your current financial year, and you will pay the fee per month from then on.

Setup fees may apply to setting up of cloud accounting software (if on the Standard program).

*Facebook/LinkedIn Group (optional)
You will receive exclusive access to our social media community where you will get the opportunity to network with other business owners of like mind.

**Review of energy bills (optional)
In partnership with PRS Energy, you will receive a free review of your gas and electricity bill to find out if you can save on your energy bills.

***Business Coach (optional)
If you are keen on growing your business, in partnership with our experienced business coaches, you will receive a free 60-minute review of where you are now and how you can take your business to the next level.

****Business Growth Workshop (optional)
You will receive exclusive access to our quarterly business growth clinic. This will feature bringing our clients, other businesses and experts together in a structured business review and growth session.


Manager – Administration

Manager – Administration

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Manager – Operations


Manager – Compliance

Manager – Compliance


Business Manager

Business Manager